Financial Failure Insurance - ROCK Insurance Group

Financial failure

Great success in protecting the travel industry

Businesses that sell travel products – tour operators, travel agents or consolidators and other travel businesses – are often unprotected against any liabilities they may incur following the financial failure of suppliers.

Following the recent increase in financial failures and the growing need for protection across the industry, ROCK has created a market leading suite of specialist commercial insurance products to offer financial protection to travel companies against the risks of financial or supplier failure.


Our financial failure insurance products are designed to cover a range of supplier or financial failure:

  • Scheduled airlines
  • Flight consolidators and flight brokers
  • Hotels / apartments / bed banks
  • Car ferries
  • Villas abroad and cottages in the UK
  • Railway journeys (including Eurostar)
  • Coach journeys
  • Cruises not bonded
  • Car hire / transfers
  • Caravan sites / campsites / mobile homes / campervans
  • Safaris
  • Excursions
  • Euro tunnel
  • Theme parks such as Disneyland Paris.
  • All suppliers declared and approved


Our financial failure products include:

  • Supplier Failure – Complete (SFC)
  • Supplier Failure Insurance (SFI)
  • Airline Failure (SAFI)
  • Cruise Failure (CPC)
  • Disprution (TDC)
  • Failure (FFI)
  • Commercial risk (PI & Liability Insurance)