New Cruise Protection Cover will mean one less worry for travel agents

Rock Insurance is launching a new Cruise Protection Cover policy specifically designed for agents who are dynamically packaging cruise breaks on behalf of their customers.

Managing director Antony Martin said agents will be able to purchase the cruise insurance product on behalf of their clients, safeguarding against a number of problems. The cover includes cruise abandonment cover which safeguards agency money spent on travel arrangements on behalf of the customer, in event of a passenger abandoning a trip. The policy also provides benefit payments to the customer of £20 per person for every six hours they are delayed while also covering agents for additional accommodation and travel expenses spent in getting a customer to the next port, should they have missed the start of the cruise. The policy offers cover of up to £1,500 although there are a number of terms and conditions which must be met before a payment can be made. The premium can be raised to £5,000 with additional payments.

However, because the policy is a commercial product, agents do not need to be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Martin said:

“Agents are increasingly dynamically packaging their own cruises for clients and this will give them the cover to do so.
Our aim is to ensure that agents won’t end up footing the bill when a problem occurs that is not of their making. With clients also increasingly demanding pre or post cruise tours bolted on to their holidays, we are confident the Cruise Protection Cover will prove positive.”

For more information call Ed Robertson on [telnumlink]07779 100096[/telnumlink].

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