Helping consumers to understand insurance is no easy task, which is why the industry has created a series of animations tailored for social media.

With the task of buying insurance generally regarded as a chore by consumers, the industry has devised an eye-catching social media travel campaign aimed at getting its message across on the importance of getting the right cover.

The Insurance Experiments — a stand-alone website promoted on Facebook — uses animations lasting barely 20 seconds that feature a cast of scientist characters finding out more about insurance.

The initiative has already delivered three million online impressions and brought thousands of people to the website by focusing on property, motor and small business insurance. Now it has been extended to cover travel insurance.

Facebook audience

The travel pages cover issues such as the disclosure of medical conditions, the need to have adventurous activities covered correctly, and some of the many ways that travel insurance can come to the rescue of the consumer.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) is behind the project, although there’s little sign of its branding or logo on the pages of Insurance Experiments. The animations appear in Facebook feeds and face competition for our attention, which is why they look very different to the usual ABI materials.

Charlie Campbell, the ABI’s senior policy adviser for travel insurance: “Our new Insurance Experiments are designed to encourage consumers to spend just a little longer thinking about the cover that they buy for their trips away.”

Correct travel cover

The travel insurance industry paid claims worth £385 million in 2017, the highest since the ash cloud disruption of 2010. While insurers pay the equivalent of a claim every minute, there remain concerns that customers do not always consider all of their needs before buying a policy.

This is highlighted by travel group Abta’s current campaign targeting the 2.5 million British adults who have been on winter sports holidays without checking they have appropriate insurance. Many wrongly assume they are automatically covered for winter sports as part of their cover, putting them at risk of costly medical bills if they have an accident.

The ABI’s Campbell added: “It’s important to not only look at the cost of the policy but to ensure it accurately reflects your personal circumstances, and takes account of where you’ll be going and what you’re likely to be doing.”

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