Collapse of Kiss Flights and Supplier Failure Cover claims with Rock Insurance

Following the news yesterday of the collapse of Flight Options and subsequently Kiss Flights; Rock Insurance is providing the following information regarding the correct procedures to follow for valid claims to our customers who have Commercial Supplier Failure Cover.

Rock Insurance is currently experiencing a high volume of calls regarding the of Options/Kiss Flights and has issued the directive in a bid to reduce calls so that we may help as many customers as possible.

If you have declared Kiss Flights on your suppliers list and have sent your declaration up to date and paid up premiums you are required by the insurer of the policy to in the first instance follow the instructions of the CAA as published on their website:

CAA advise regarding Flight Options Limited

  • The CAA estimates that around 13,000 people are currently overseas – all of them will be able to complete their holidays and return to the UK.
  • Around 60,000 people have forward bookings with the company and will be able to claim a full refund for the ATOL-protected elements of their
    holidays from the CAA. Because the company has failed at the height of summer, the CAA is also putting in place arrangements to allow people to
    travel out on their holidays for the next 24 hours, to minimise confusion and protect passengers.
  • Flight Options sold charter flights to Mediterranean destinations, under ATOL 4233 mainly through travel agents. The CAA will be arranging repatriation for all Flight Options customers in line with the scheduled end of their holiday.
  • CAA Advice for Flight Options / Kiss Flights customers with flights leaving the UK before 1800 BST on Wednesday 18 August 2010
    • These flights will operate as planned, and passengers should go to the airport and check in as normal.
  • CAA Advice for Flight Options / Kiss Flights customers who are currently overseas
    • The CAA will ensure that ATOL-protected customers are able to fly home as planned; they should therefore arrive at the airport in time to check-in for their flights home as normal.
  • In order for customers to determine whether they are ATOL protected or not, they should check that they booked a flight with Flight Options / Kiss Flights. To do this, customers should check the invoice/receipt received at the time the booking was made and paid for.
  • The company sold only a very small number of package holidays, consequently, in most cases, ATOL protects only the flight
    element of their holiday. Accommodation booked independently with other firms is not effected by the failure.
  • CAA Advice for Flight Options / Kiss Flights customers with forward bookings after 1800 BST on Wednesday 18 August 2010
    • Flight Options / Kiss Flights customers are financially protected under ATOL 4233 and should not travel on booked holidays after 18:00 BST on Wednesday 18 August 2010 but instead should make a claim for a refund from the CAA.
  • Customers who booked through Flight Options / Kiss Flights should seek advice from their travel agents about alternative travel arrangements.

    Contact Details

    After 22:00 this evening ATOL-protected Flight Options customers who are currently abroad and experiencing difficulties should contact the CAA for more information on [telnumlink]0044 161 444 5811[/telnumlink]. Those with forward bookings requiring general advice about refunds under the ATOL scheme can contact the CAA on [telnumlink]0844 571 7262[/telnumlink].

    SUPPLIER FAILURE COVER CLAIMS *** Important – Only companies that have declared Kiss Flights on their original suppliers list at application stage will be covered and only for passengers that have been booked and declared and premiums paid for ***

    Claim procedure:

    Should your company incur cost in the travel arrangements from the Kiss Flights failure, you will need to submit the following for claims:

    1. Excel spreadsheet detailing: Clients name, date of booking, departure date, sum of claim
    2. Supply an audit trail for each booking and receipts in order to verify the sum being claimed The complete information must be sent via e-mail to [email protected].

    You must also send the file and the audit information to be sent by post to:
    AmTrust Europe (Att: Claire Brook – Claims Director)
    Market Square House
    St James’s Street
    NG1 6FG
    e-mail: [email protected]
    Tel: [telnumlink]0115 9414 1022[/telnumlink]

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