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Affinity Partnerships

Creating real value with great brands and partners

At ROCK we know how to leverage value through affinity partnerships. Our affinity schemes provide our partners’ customers with easy access to travel and gadget insurance products. What makes us different is that we see the power in our partners’ brands and how we can unlock their potential through our products and distribution capabilities. We provide our partners with an integrated solution that includes initial consultancy, product creation and underwriting, marketing and distribution, compliance and fulfilment. The completeness of our approach enables our partners to focus on their core business while we drive this profitable ancillary revenue stream.

Our solutions include:

  • Product creation and placement
  • Technology, design and implementation
  • Marketing and distribution
  • Fulfilment, compliance and partnership management

The goal of everything we do is to help ensure our partners:

  • Acquire new customers
  • Extend their marketing reach and effectiveness through targeted affiliate, aggregation and other online marketing activity
  • Maximise customer revenues and margins

For more information on our approach to affinity solutions please contact us today.