At ROCK we challenge the conventional ways of providing insurance. But we’re not into change for change’s sake. We’re always looking at new ways to offer new things that add greater value. So you can be sure we’re always pragmatically working in your best interests.

Smart means listening too. We monitor the market and talk to our customers, clients and partners to ensure better planning, better products and better pricing.

We also continue to invest in our systems and technologies. We feel it’s important our partners benefit from the most efficient delivery mechanisms.


We have a very positive collective mindset at ROCK. We always aim high, believing there is a solution for everything. To us, problems are opportunities to find a better way.

This means that rather than say ‘we can’t do that’, we prefer to ask ourselves ‘how can we make that happen’. And then we do. It’s what attracts so many progressive businesses to us.


Insurance markets are changing so rapidly today that insurers need to be able to act fast. Success lies in constant adaptation and innovation and often in thinking ahead of the market.

That’s why, for us, our agility is another key point of difference. We have shown again and again that we can move faster to get new solutions in place for our partners. We can innovate new products for consumers and shift emphasis with real speed.

Smart but straightforward to work with

Structured yet agile and flexible

Positive and energetic yet experienced and realistic

Creative, challenging and unconventional yet with proven and robust processes